The Koala Recovery Partnership is all about… Partnerships!

Partnerships with the Community, Government, Research Institutions and Corporate Stakeholders. 

There are so many ways you can help:

Research Institutions:

For such an iconic, well-recognised species, there is still so much we don’t know about koalas. Why not Partner with Us to undertake your next research project? With our close links to the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital, our detailed on-ground knowledge, existing high-quality datasets (spatial and numeric) and good relationships with local stakeholders and landholders, we can provide your next research project with a lot of support.

Our key areas of research interest include:

  • Genetic population estimates;
  • Calculating formal detection rates for different koala survey methods;
  • Improved understanding of habitat requirements on the coastal floodplain;
  • Fate of released juvenile cohorts into unpopulated areas;
  • Fate of released koalas from the Koala Hospital back into urban areas;
  • Fate of local koala populations following large-scale developments.

Philanthropic Organisations:

Undertaking research, particularly into disease or genetics, is expensive. We do not ask for donations, but welcome opportunities from philanthropic organisations who may be interested in partnering with us and research groups to undertake specific koala research projects (also see above for habitat purchase opportunities).


We do not accept cash donations. If you feel like making a one-off donation, please contact the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital. If you would like to donate your time, we have plenty of volunteering opportunities. Please see: Partner With Us

Community Stakeholders:

Got a burning idea on how your community group can help koalas? We would love to hear about it and help where we can. This may be registering your interest for planting day opportunities, community education initiatives, opportunities for citizen science or a completely novel idea! The Koala Smart Program is one example of how the Koala Recovery Partnership has worked with Lions International to make a difference!

Corporate and Philanthropic Entities:

Habitat loss is the number one cause of the decline in koala populations. We strongly welcome partnerships with corporate and philanthropic entities that seek to purchase large areas of existing high-quality koala habitat or purchase lands on the appropriate soil types that can be planted out. Not only are you doing something good for koalas, but under NSW legislation, your organisation can actually return financial yields in perpetuity for such purchases! We can help your organisation identify appropriate areas and undertake the necessary paperwork to ensure biodiversity ‘credits’ (or in the case of corporate entities to meet your company’s individual development or carbon offset requirements). With teams of willing volunteers wanting to help with koala plantings, an excellent local network to ensure success of your venture, amazing opportunities for eco-tourism in a stunning coastal tourism hotspot and a good promotional platform, why not partner with us to purchase or create some koala habitat in the Hastings-Macleay Region?

Rural Landholders:

If you own a large parcel of rural land and are interested in koala conservation, we would love to hear from you. There are a multitude of opportunities that await you- many of which can earn money for the protection of areas of biodiversity value on your property! Using our network of stakeholders, we can ensure you get the correct support for whatever it is you would like to undertake to assist koala conservation. It is of interest to note that many people believe they do not have koalas on their property when in fact they do- this is because they are so cryptic!

Existing Partners:

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